Successful retailers have long understood that they must present a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The days have passed when a business could be grown simply through wise management of your inventories and strategic placement of your advertising dollars. Today’s retailer must look for every way possible to grow sales and reduce costs. HTSN continually works to help you maintain your competitive advantage by offering group-negotiated member services in all areas of your business.

Warehouse Distribution and eXchange Fulfillment

HTSN has partnered with Distribution companies across the country to enable their members to purchase the goods they need at market leading prices.

HTSN’s 8 distribution partners are strategically located throughout the country.  This enables the group’s members to procure over 190 brands through one site.

The eXchange is a state-of-the-art online ordering system that provides dealers with a centralized place to do all of their procurement.  The eXchange portal receives live price and inventory feeds from leading distributors across the country and surfaces that information to HTSN members in a user friendly format.  Dealers will no longer have to login in to multiple distributor websites to make sure they are getting the right price nor will they have to hunt for allocated products, as if it exists in the marketplace, it will be on the eXchange!   HTSN dealers can focus on running and growing their businesses, confident that they are making the right buying decisions for their company every single day.  For the first time in the CE industry, the independent specialty dealer has the power of the purchase order and the power of choice with the distributor that best suits their needs!

Web Services

Enhance your online presence with a variety of group exclusive web services, including search optimized sites to drive customers to your store.

Today, the first visit to a retail store is often made online. That’s why Nationwide helps its members capture their share of online shoppers.

Selection of web platforms, including research sites, commerce sites, and dealer locators.

Dramatic group-negotiated discounts on multiple solutions to fit members of every size and every level of online sophistication.

Digital Content & HD Commercials

Take control of in-store messaging and turn the sales floor into an information-rich selling zone.

Nationwide’s exclusive HD electronic signage system, loaded with content produced from our in-house PrimeMedia production facility, enhances the customer experience in electronics, appliance or furniture departments.

The national chains understand that content playing on televisions in a store can have a dramatic impact on shoppers' behavior. Nationwide brings this advantage to you.

Members control their own in-store HD network on display thoughout the store.